If you have created an attorney blog, you know how laborious yet rewarding the process can be. A blog can be a conduit to your key audience, providing prospects with helpful information that could convince them to consult your firm and receive the legal aid they need.

However, establishing a blog forum is only the first step; the true measure of a blog’s effectiveness is its lifespan and reach. What’s the secret to maintaining a long-term blog, continuously producing engaging content for your audience, and slowly but surely growing your audience? Read on!

1.      Block out calendar time.

When your to-do list approaches novel length and there are a mountain of unread emails flashing on your computer screen, making time for your attorney blog may be the last thing on your mind. Nevertheless, pushing it down on the priority list day after day is the easiest way to let it fall off your radar and undo your hard work.

Schedule a recurring calendar appointment to remind you to sit down and write, even when you have a million things to do. Blocking out an hour or two during the week to craft a well-written article and brainstorm the next piece might be difficult at first but will become habit soon enough if you abide by your calendar reminders.

2.      Plan your topic schedule.

Planning out topics a month or even a few months ahead ensures that you’re not scrambling for a topic to cover every week. In addition, proactively nailing down a rough topic schedule provides opportunities to take advantage of timely topics and leverage upcoming events.

For instance, your DUI defense firm may know that more people are arrested for DUI during the winter holiday season than any other time throughout the year in your local community. You can take advantage of this knowledge and feature pertinent attorney blog articles throughout December and January, such as pieces focused on how to avoid driving under the influence and why those arrested for DUI should consult a qualified attorney instead of instantly admitting guilt.

3.      Leverage connections to get others involved.

You’ve probably spent a significant amount of time networking with fellow legal professionals and important figures in other industries. Get in touch and ask them contribute to your blog! Readers love guest features involving interesting experts, especially if it means that the content is fresh and a departure from the usual topics covered.

4.      Create a series.

Save yourself the hassle of brainstorming new weekly topics and instead, create a multi-part series. For example, walk readers through a typical personal injury claim by focusing on one part of the process each week. Another benefit: readers might be more willing to continue reading your attorney blog’s posts if they’ve already read the first part of the series.

5.      Consult the blog experts.

The above tips can be helpful when managing your firm’s blog, but the truth is that sometimes you need help from the experts. Don’t hesitate to reach out for assistance!

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