Businesses of every industry today—law firms included—are grasping the importance of content marketing as a crucial component to their overall marketing strategy.

Content marketing includes articles, blogs, videos, andsocial media engagement; posts, tweets, etc.—and is incredibly effective in attracting potential and existing clients to your website and social pages. That is, if your content is any good.

Content marketing is rife with mistakes that can hinder the effectiveness of even the best content intentions. Bad, or ineffective content, can push potential clients away from your firm, and into the hands of your competition.
No matter what stage you’re at in your content marketing, here are 5 things that are guaranteed to tank your marketing content.

1. Your Content Tries to Sell

People are exposed to thousands of sales pitches every day, both online and off. Using your content as just another pitch can mean the difference between being followed, or being ignored.

By providing articles, videos, and social media posts that engage your audience, people will start to come to your site as a trusted source of information. Once you’ve established a relationship with your audience, then you can pitch your firm and your services. And even then, keep this limited.

2. Your Content is Boring

Even the best written text can be a drag after a while if that’s all you’re providing for your readers. Make sure you’re offering up a buffet of content in the form of photos, videos, infographics, even podcasts. A variety of content will keep your audience intrigued and entertained—and coming back for more.

3. Your Content is Inconsistent

To capture and hold your audience’s attention, make sure you’re posting your content with consistency. Upload fresh content to your social media pages at least 3-4 per week (preferably daily), and update your blog at least once a week.
Consistent posting can help maintain your audience, as they’ll become familiar with your posting schedule, and know when to return for new content.

4. Your Content Doesn’t Interact

You post great content, and your audience responds to your content with comments, questions, even suggestions, and you don’t respond. This is a surefire way to alienate your audience, and quickly lose your fan base. If you’re not interacting with your audience by way of your content, your audience will give up trying to connect with you—and will move on to a more user-friendly law firm.

5. Your Content is Written For SEO

Your content should focus on making your audience happy, not search engines. Even if your audience knows nothing about SEO, they will notice if your content is keyword-stuffed, duplicate, flooded with links, etc.

Structuring your content strictly for SEO purposes will bore and confuse your readers—and as more search engines deploy algorithm updates to keep black hat SEO operators at bay, your content could get tossed off the SE’s altogether.

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