A good blog attracts and retains readers for a reason—it’s not just a matter of luck. Having a good blogging strategy will drive traffic to your website and social media networks, and is one of the easiest marketing tactics to convert potential clients into actual ones.

However, hosting a bad blog can damage your credibility, and turn users away from not only your content, but your services. Whether your law firm has been blogging for a few months or a few years, here are 5 things that will hurt your blogging efforts, and alternative steps you should be doing instead.

1. You’re Not Blogging Regularly

This is probably the top reason of why blogging strategies fail. If you’re not uploading new content to your blog at least 2-3 times a week, you’ll appear disinterested in maintaining a blog for your readers. It really comes down to this: either blog consistently, or don’t blog at all.

If you’re really stretched for time, and would rather spend more time on your social media pages, or your website, make a decision to do so. A blog can only be successful when consistent, quality time is spent on it.

2. You’re Carelessly Blogging

Second in line to unsuccessful blogging is to carelessly blog. This means posting a blog with little to no planning, effort, or concern for the content you’re uploading. This can include content with bad grammar, nonsensical or boring topics, or content that’s too salesy and self-promoting.

Every blog your firm posts should be in some way valuable, engaging, and useful to your readers.

3. You’re Not Interacting With Your Readers

You may be posting consistent, high-quality content to your blog, but if you’re not interacting with your readers, this can cause a drop in followers. It’s important that you respond regularly to comments, and answer questions within 24-hours, if possible. The more interaction you have with your readers, the more loyal their readership will be.

4. Your Layout Is Annoying

Great content isn’t going to appear great when it’s set against a confusing background, music playing on your blog, etc. A blog’s layout should be clean and simple, with not too many graphics or loud colors. And most people don’t like listening to auto tracks while they’re reading. Embedded music on your blog, whatever the style, can lead to quick exits and high bounce rates.

5. You’re Not Being Personal

Blogging gives lawyers a chance to showcase their legal knowledge and expertise, but it’s also a great opportunity to put a face to a name. Be personal on your blog, and not just a legal professional.

Upload photos of yourself and your firm at events outside of the office. Share videos, and post content that isn’t always legal-related. Showing your human side will build trust and interest with your readers.

For more info on how to blog for success, contact one of our legal marketing specialists today, and let us show you how we can help.

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