An email marketing campaign is only as good as how many subscribers it generates—not how many people it reaches. Gone are the days of email blasts to countless, random email addresses in hopes that those recipients would welcome the spam-like gesture and sign up for further emails (when this did work, you just got really lucky).

Email marketing today is more sophisticated—and there are strategic steps that can help increase the opt-in list of people who want to hear from you.

Here are 5 easy and effective ways to build your law firm’s email list, and subsequently increase your web andsocial media traffic all at the same time.

1. Include a Sign-Up Form Below Your Blogs

If a reader gets to the end of any of your blogs, chances are they liked what they read, and will want to learn more of what you have to say. Make sure to include a way for readers to opt-in to your email newsletters at the bottom of your blogs, and include links to your social media pages here, as well.

TIP: If you’re marketing with videos on YouTube (and you should be), include an email opt-in link in the About section.

2. Convert Your Social Followers To Email Subscribers

Just as you include links to your social media pages on your blog, use your social pages to link to an email sign-up form. This is an easy way to increase email subscribers, as your followers are already following your social pages, so they’ll likely be interested in receiving your emails.

3. Use Your Existing Email Database

This may seem obvious, but if you aren’t utilizing your existing database to gain subscribers, you’re missing out on countless contacts. Include a “share with a friend” link at the bottom of your emails, and encourage your current subscribers to forward your newsletters to friends who may find something of value from your content—just like they do.

4. Offer Free Downloads

Create useful resources for clients in the form of worksheets, legal checklists, even eBooks, and request an email address before the download can be completed.

TIP: Make sure you provide a snippet of what the user will be downloading, and not just an advertisement. Show that what they’ll be receiving is something of value, and worth handing over their email address for.

5. Collect Email Addresses at Speaking Engagements

Take advantage of trade events and speaking engagements to gain email addresses of attendees with a sign-up form at your booth or table. If you’ve successfully captured the attention of your audience, they’ll likely want to have further communication with you.

For more information on how to create the perfect email campaign for your law firm, get a hold of one of our marketing specialists today.

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