Many organizations around the world heavily rely upon email marketing to reach new clients, advertise products and services, and maintain valuable relationships with existing clients, and law firms are no exception. Yet, you may be assessing your current email marketing ROI and wondering how to achieve the results that other successful firms and companies are seeing.

The secret? Avoiding the following common email and internet marketing mistakes that could be sabotaging your promotion efforts. Peruse the information below and you may just see your firm’s email marketing ROI skyrocket!

Mistake #1: Aggressively selling 24/7

The purpose of marketing your firm to prospective clients via email is, of course, to accrue business. However, no one likes to be sold to, even if they do need your services.

When creating email and internet marketing pieces, the best strategy to prompt email recipients to take action and contact your firm is to explain how your law firm’s services can help the prospective client, and demonstrate your track record of assisting people in similar situations in the past. Think of a marketing email as an extension of a personal conversation with a prospect. What would you say to a prospective client if he or she came into your office for a consultation?

Mistake #2: Failing to optimize for mobile

According to the Pew Research Internet Project, 58% of Americans own a smartphone and more than 40% of adults in the United States possess a tablet device. In addition, more than half of cell phone owners utilize their devices to send and receive email and 60% browse online. If your law firm’s email campaigns are not optimized for mobile, you are severely limiting your potential ROI.

When evaluating your email and internet marketing pieces, make sure that email text is large and uncluttered enough to view on mobile devices and that images can be resized and seen clearly on smaller screens. Additionally, be sure that email recipients can easily route from an email to your website, which should also be optimize for mobile.

Mistake #3: Sending at the wrong time

Marketing research has found that the best times to send emails are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from around noon to 4:00 PM. Your firm may be sadly disappointed by the response rate of email campaigns sent on Mondays and Fridays, particularly sent early in the morning and in evening, when email recipients are much less likely to open and click through messages.

Mistake #4: Not including an opt-out link

The CAN-SPAM act, officially known as the Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited and Pornography and Marketing Act of 2003, requires that emailers must provide a visible unsubscribe function on all emails so that recipients can opt out and unsubscribe from messages in a timely manner.  Check that your firm’s email and internet marketing pieces are lawful in order to avoid hefty penalties and unhappy recipients.

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