Expressing your appreciation and affection to those you love in your personal life is a necessity to keeping love alive. The same theory holds true in client-attorney relationships.
Attorneys aren’t always regarded as the most personable or caring of professionals. You can prove this stigma wrong with these 3 simple steps—and improve your relationships with clients quickly and effectively.

1. Be Open To Being Open

Clients facing legal issues need their legal counsel to connect with them on a personal level. Legal issues—especially emotionally-charged issues such as personal injury, criminal defense, or family law matters—are hard to deal with, and the last thing a client needs is for their lawyer to be disengaged or stand-offish.
Be responsive, listen, and find ways to accommodate your clients’ requests. Talk to them about their case on a regular basis, check in with them to confirm that their goals haven’t changed, and then proceed with their concerns accordingly. This will build trust and client loyalty.

2. Never Play Hard To Get

Keeping an air of mystery is a great way to keep romantic relationships exciting, but for business relationships, it’s a surefire way to lose clients.
Clients need to know that they can rely on you to keep their best interests ahead of your own. Make sure you establish that their needs are your priority, and that they’re not just a billable account. Be attentive, and don’t keep anything about their case vague or mysterious.

3. Little Things Do Count

You should always be on the lookout to provide added value to your clients. The best part about this is that there are many ways to show you care that are significant in meaning, but with little to no cost to your firm.
Some gestures of endearment include:

  • Provide content that specifically relates to them, or their business. This shows that you not only understand what’s relevant to them, but that you took the time to do something for their benefit.
  • Introduce clients to others who may benefit from their line of work, or whose services may be useful. This is great for establishing networks on all fronts.
  • Be open and flexible when it comes to fee arrangements. This doesn’t mean giving your clients a discount; it just provides a way to make it easier to pay their fee(s).

For more information on how to ignite the spark in your client relationships, our marketing specialists can give you tips that count!

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