Producing engaging legal marketing blog content that showcases your law firm’s expertise is step one toward marketing success. The second step is spreading this content to the appropriate channels to ensure that it reaches the people who may respond to your call to action.

Strategically position your legal marketing blog content to go viral and potentially increase your incoming business using the tips below.

1.      Design content to be widely relevant.

Readers will only engage with your content if it’s easy to read, relevant, and provides some value to those they share it with. Therefore, while your law firm’s blog content may be written to appeal to a specific demographic, ensure that all topics are relevant and valuable to multiple types of readers.

For example, an article highlighting the importance of documenting injuries after a hit-and-run accident in San Diego County, California limits the potential spread of a personal injury firm’s legal marketing blog content because the topic only appeals to a small group of readers. On the other hand, many types of readers may enjoy reading and sharing a human interest feature demonstrating the merits of consulting a Southern California personal injury law firm after a harmful incident.

2.      Provide an easy way to share.

The first step in promoting content is enabling readers to easily share it. Provide ‘share’ links on the side or bottom of all legal marketing blog articles that allow readers to spread content via email or to their social media accounts (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.) and blog pages. Requiring more than a few simple clicks to promote an article decreases the probability that readers will take action.

3.      Identify and leverage brand champions.

Former and current clients who are raving fans of your law firm are a marketing gold mine. Just as criticism can be exponentially more detrimental to your firm when spread to the Internet and by word of mouth, enthusiastic promotion can have compounding positive effects for your firm.

Consider connecting with all satisfied clients over social media and request that they sign up to receive your email communications such as your firm’s e-newsletter containing content from your legal marketing blog. Once they are “following” your firm on social media and receiving regular email content, they will probably be more than willing to share your firm’s content to their networks of connections because they’ve received such great service.

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