Anyone familiar with the expenses involved in printing and distributing direct mail pieces or purchasing advertising space in a local business journal understands how cost prohibitive producing printed marketing materials can be. Your law firm simply may not have the bandwidth to create stunning print materials at the moment.

However, you do have access to one great alternative—email campaigns. The Direct Marketing Association reports that organizations can experience a return on investment (ROI) of 4,300% through strategic email marketing… all at a relatively low cost! Read on for a quick education in Email Marketing for Attorneys 101.

Develop Solid Target Lists

The best email campaign in the world won’t result in more cases and higher profits if it doesn’t reach the right demographic. Vet your target lists carefully to decide where to focus your firm’s marketing efforts, and then hone in on persistently emailing those key prospects.

Brainstorm Irresistible Subject Lines

An email’s subject line is like a conversation icebreaker—it’s your chance to create a positive first impression. While thinking about what you could you say that would strike the reader and make him or her want to learn more, keep these simple tricks of the trade in mind:

  1. Spam words like “free” ward off readers and also increase the likelihood of your emails getting caught by recipients’ spam filters.
  2. Subject lines of 50 characters or less typically receive the greatest response, according to research completed by MailChimp.
  3. Don’t try to trick recipients into opening emails; it may work once but it’s not worth the damage to your firm’s credibility and may just alienate potential prospects.

Offer Content that is Valuable to Readers  

Email marketing for attorneys should focus on presenting valuable information that addresses prospects’ concerns and subtly spurs them to consult your firm.  Therefore, avoid coming across as too “salesy” when crafting email content.

For instance, a divorce and family law firm may want to draw readers’ attention back to the importance of focusing on their mental and emotional health during and after divorce, and then provide a handful of expert tips regarding how to navigate the ups and downs of post-divorce life.  A call to action at the end may be just what the reader needs to make the hurdle and consult your firm.

Don’t Disregard Design

Layout, formatting, and overall design can hugely impact the readership of your law firm’s email marketing campaigns. To ensure that your communications are visually appealing, be sure to organize text into small, clean chunks or bulleted/numbered lists, break up the text using noticeable headers and images, and utilize readable font.

If necessary, such as in the case of an e-newsletter, feature a clickable table of contents or “features” section so that readers can easily find what they’re looking for without scrolling and scanning. Also, a best practice of attorney marketing: create both text and HTML versions of all emails.

Include the Unsubscribe Option

Marketing for attorneys should abide by CAN-SPAM laws that require senders to provide recipients the option to unsubscribe. Don’t risk steep penalties—include the unsubscribe button and assist recipients with unsubscribing as soon as possible if they ask to be removed from your target list.

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