LinkedIn made some large changes over the past year on Company Pages that lawyers should know about and can use to highlight their specialties.

Removed Product Pages

First, LinkedIn removed company product pages. The product pages allowed a company to display some of their biggest-selling products on their own page.

For example, an attorney could list their specialties with a description of that specialty for page fans to review when considering the attorney’s services. That option is no longer available. However, the company showcases we discuss below are useful in their absence.

Use Company Page for Content

LinkedIn converted the Company Page into a place where admins could create daily updates. These daily updates keep fans updated on the regular events occurring in a company.

LinkedIn2 1
Company Showcases
Company Showcases are somewhat of a replacement for product pages. They allow you to feature up to 10 showcases of different parts of your practice.

Step 1: Go to your fan page, click the edit scroll down menu to Create a Showcase.

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Step 2: click Get Started.

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Step 3: Create showcase

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Step 4: Fill out the showcase information.

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Before you click publish, here are a few items you can customize on your showcase page.

Full Width Image- Use an image 974×330 pixels to show off the aspect of your company for the showcase page.

Showcase Name and Description– If you want to provide a more detailed name, and description of the page. Place the information in this section.

Showcase Admins- Double check to make sure you have all admins that you want working on the page allowed access.

Logos- Create a standard 100×61 logo and a square 50×50 logo for the page. The standard one is used to display the page to others. The square logo is used for network updates.

Featured Groups- Are you an admin or member of a group that you want to display on your company showcase page? Use this for group members to identify with you.

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