Here is the first in a series of lessons drawn from what is working for other lawyers using content. Hopefully you can adapt some of their successful techniques to your practice.

Lesson 1: Refine your niche

Your content development efforts will be more effective if you at least initially concentrate on a sharply-defined niche. Look for a high-demand aspect of your specialty where you can become one of the top authorities in your region.

For example, bankruptcy attorney Michael Mack targets “eliminating credit card debt” at and takes that rifle-shot approach in most of his marketing:

“I started using direct mail, but I did not use it like most other lawyers. For example, the envelopes were hand written because half the battle is getting the letter read.”

“I included coupons offering, for example, a “Free Credit Audit.” These coupons created high perceived value instead versus simply offering a free consultation. I also included a “24-Hour Free Recorded Message” on the letter so folks could hear me providing useful information about a legal topic.”

A second example of successful targeting is Los Angeles divorce attorney David Pisarra’s angle for standing out from the crowd:

“When we focused our marketing on Men’s Family Law and Father’s Rights and became, we noticed a sizable uptick in our return on investment in our internet advertising and internet search rankings. This demonstrated to me that one of the largest unknown problems that we had been struggling with was focusing on a target market, and differentiation of our services from the other family law and divorce attorneys.”

With subsequent emails we will outline other winning content strategies and provide examples and resources you can use to implement those proven approaches.

For more tips and other business strategies, contact us—we’ve got methods that work.

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