Twitter profiles are about to turn over a new leaf, or feather, if you will.

Although the new layout is available now to a small group of users; e.g. celebrities and First Lady Michelle Obama, at some point in the next few weeks your current profile page will be replaced with the new design. Note: If you’re new to Twitter, you’ll automatically start with the new design when you sign-up.

Preliminary reviews have noted that Twitter’s new profile layout looks more like Facebook in appearance, but still retains the central tweet feed. Tweets that have the most engagement will now appear larger in the feed —making quality content that much more important.

Before the new design hits your account, here are the different features to know about to keep your law firm at the top of the tweeting chain.

Customizing How Tweets Appear

You can now customize the way your tweets appear when someone visits your page, and you can customize the tweets you want to see when you visit someone’s page.

These customization features break down into 3 categories.

1. Best Tweets

As mentioned, tweets that have the most engagement will now appear larger, so your most popular content—content that’s the most retweeted, favorited, or replied to—is easy for others to find.

2. Pinned Tweets

You can promote a favorite tweet by pinning it to the top of your profile page. This way, everyone who visits your page will see that tweet first.

3. Filtered Tweets

You can select the types of tweets you want to see when visiting another’s page, from such options as Tweets, Tweets with photos/videos, or Tweets and replies.

Additional Profile Changes

There are additional layout changes other than tweet customization that will affect how your profile page will appear.

Profile Header Photo

The header photo is no longer located behind your profile picture—it’s now located at the top of the page, and stretches the length of the screen (much like Facebook’s cover photo).

Profile Picture

Your profile picture will also be larger, and is no longer located in the middle of the page—it’s now positioned toward the top left, and overlaps the bottom left corner of the header.

Layout Changes

These layout changes are important to keep in mind when updating your profile, so you’ll know where things are now located on the page.

  • Your name, Twitter @handle, bio, and images are now located on the left-hand side of the page, below your profile picture.
  • The Trends and Who to Follow tabs are located on the right side of your tweet feed.
  • Tweets, followers, and following tabs are located on the right side of your profile picture, below your header image.

For more information on Twitter’s new profile pages, and other tips and tricks to social media mastery, contact us. We’ll get your firm headed in the right direction.

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