Your communications team may be dedicating a significant chunk of your law firm’s web marketing resources toward writing and distributing press releases in order to garner local and national attention. Yet, if you have not addressed the topic of optimizing your press releases for SEO purposes, you may not be experiencing the full return on your investments.

Consider the following press release guidelines and best practices, and then assess: are you making the most of your law firm’s web marketing?

Start with Keyword Phrases

SEO is all about increasing traffic to your law firm’s webpage by appearing on search results pages. Typically, the higher up your website is on search results pages, the more traffic it will experience. So how does your law firm land toward the top? By including relevant keyword phrases designed to appeal to your audience and receive the most search traffic.

Do Your Homework

Some research may be necessary to determine the best keyword phrases. First, brainstorm a list of basic keyword phrases and use that as a jumping off point. For example, if your law firm specializes in criminal defense, it makes sense to begin with “criminal defense” as a core keyword phrase. Then, enhance the base phrase with geographic details and qualifiers like “Orange County criminal defense lawyer,” “Orange County criminal defense law firm,” or “award-winning criminal defense attorney in Orange County.”

Check Out What’s Working

A good practice is to search these phrases using Google and other popular search engines, and examine the results. Do your competitors or similar local law firms appear on the search results pages? If so, you may have uncovered a powerful keyword phrase to utilize as part of your law firm’s web marketing strategy.

Strategically Place Keyword Phrases and Links

Google’s algorithms consider keyword phrases included within the first 100 words of a press release, particularly within the headline and subheading, to be more significant than phrases inserted further into the article. If possible, find a way to include your law firm’s chosen keyword phrases within this optimal real estate.

However, remember that it’s more important to word press releases naturally so that keywords flow with the text than to shove keywords in where they don’t belong. This philosophy applies to links as well; stick with inserting one hyperlink every 100 words or so.

Measure Your Return on Investment

Trial and error is often a great way to find the keyword phrases and press release processes that work for your law firm. After spreading press releases to a variety of appropriate channels like newswire platforms and online publications of local newspapers and magazine, examine your ROI—return on investment—using tools such as Google Analytics. If your law firm isn’t experiencing ideal or increased ROI, tweak your law firm’s web marketing strategy and analyze again.

If you have questions about digital marketing, feel free to contact us so we can get your law firm on a custom marketing plan.

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