YouTube has accrued a reputation in some circles as a host site for countless cat videos, but it can be much more than that to your law firm; when utilized correctly, YouTube can become a free advertising vehicle. According to a study about web use and attention spans, the average person will commit to watching an Internet video for nearly three minutes—an eternity in the marketing world!

One of the best aspects of YouTube is that anyone, from the most tech-savvy bankruptcy lawyer to a technologically inexperienced Social Security disability attorney, can make videos. If your law firm has yet to take the plunge into YouTube, consider the following law firm marketing tips for creating engaging YouTube videos designed to bolster SEO.

Choosing YouTube Video Topics

Pick an interesting topic. Most potential clients are laymen and may be searching for simplified legal information, so topics like ‘An Overview of a Typical Personal Injury Case Timeline in Five Minutes’ or ’20 Quick Facts You Didn’t Know About Criminal Defense Law… But Should’ may catch viewers’ attention. Creating interesting and informational videos is a sure way to accrue viewership and reap SEO benefits when posting videos to social media.

Outlining Content

Brainstorm strategies for presenting video content. One simple law firm marketing tip: it’s better to plan the structure of your video instead of pushing the ‘record’ button and hoping that everything goes well.

On a related point, spend some time writing the video script and edit, edit, edit until it is concise and contains the most appropriate SEO phrases and keywords for your firm.


Jump right into the action and information; viewers can—and will—click the ‘stop’ button if they are not engaged, so it’s essential to capture their attention immediately.

Videos should be appropriate for a professional audience but do not need to appear professionally done. In fact, sometimes it’s better to go for a more casual, everyday look to humanize your law firm’s attorneys and demonstrate that they are approachable.

Incorporating SEO and Hosting Videos

Be sure to capitalize on the title, description, file name, and keyword fields associated with your YouTube videos. Include key phrases intended to bolster SEO, such as “DUI Lawyer in Orange County Explains the Legal and Social Repercussions of a DUI Conviction.” Google will pick up on these keywords and phrases, which can boost your SEO results.

After creating a video, post it to YouTube and embed it on your law firm’s webpage. Then, spread it to social media forums like Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn to maximize exposure and reap the SEO benefits!

The #1 Law Firm Marketing Tip for YouTube

When creating YouTube videos, it all comes down to making unique, valuable, high-quality YouTube videos that attract audiences and make them want to share the clips with their networks. Only then will your law firm truly realize the SEO benefits of creating engaging YouTube videos!

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