When attorneys hear the term “marketing,” many think of glossy print ads or expensive television spots advertising their law firms. However, marketing simply encompasses all actions and opportunities that spread the word about their law firm’s services, and some of the simplest, most cost-effective activities can have significant impacts.

Whether you are trying to advertise your law firm on a shoestring budget or merely looking to maximize your marketing potential, using the following clever tips may just give your law firm’s marketing strategy the boost it needs.

1.      Insert social media links into your email signature.

Think about how often you email a client or prospect. Weekly? Bi-weekly? Aside from telephone calls, email is often the most frequently used mode of communication in many types of law firms, from personal injury to criminal defense. Savvy attorneys understand that this touchpoint provides a marketing opportunity for their law firms.

For instance, simply inserting social media links into an email signature can increase traffic to an attorney or law firm’s LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, and Twitter pages.

Featuring a clickable icon that routes to a law firm’s Yelp! page can also help to accrue more client reviews and powerful testimonials, increasing overall search engine optimization (SEO) results and vamping your law firm’s marketing strategy.

2.      Redesign your business card.

Similar to email signatures, the purpose of an attorney’s business card is to provide prospects, clients, and connections with his or her contact information. Yet, business cards can be much more; when viewed as a valuable marketing tool, they can help boost your law firm’s brand.

Redesign your business cards to include the logo of a prestigious award your firm has won, or your firm’s mission statement. Another idea is to keep things simple and note the URL to your firm’s blog or testimonial pages on the back of the card. All are great law firm marketing strategies that might produce significant results in terms of branding, elevated website traffic, and increased referrals.

3.      Capitalize on “hold time.”

You will probably have to put your prospects and clients on hold at some point during a telephone conversation. Instead of blasting them with ‘hold music,’ take advantage of their undivided attention and play a personal message from you or your law firm’s founder/partner. For example, this personal communication could thank the person for their time and briefly explain your law firm’s history and values—why you opened the doors in the first place and what mission you hope to accomplish.

Don’t forget to implement this as part of your law firm’s marketing strategy when it comes to live chat as well. If your firm’s website has a live chat function, try urging people to visit your social media pages while they’re queued to speak with a representative.

The important takeaway from this list of simple and economical activities—marketing doesn’t have to be complicated in order to be effective. Contact us today to uncover more tips about boosting your law firm’s overall marketing strategy including SEO and social media!

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