Referrals can be the bread and butter of your law firm, whether made by word of mouth or online. For prospects that are searching for a reputable attorney to work with, referrals can demonstrate that your firm has achieved desirable results for a client in similar circumstances and ultimately push them to make that consultative phone call.

With this in mind, employ the following strategies to increase your firm’s rate of referrals… and watch your client base grow!

1.      Incentivize referrals.

Your law firm’s marketing strategy should focus on creating such incredible experiences that clients can’t help but rave about you. However, the truth is that even the most wowed clients won’t always go out of their way to pass on a recommendation for your firm.  That’s where incentives come into play.

If you don’t already have one, consider creating a simple referral reward program. For instance, every prospect who mentions that a former client—let’s call him Jimmy—referred them earns $100 for both them and Jimmy if your firm picks up the case. Take it a step further and include time constraints; if Jimmy sends a prospect your way within two weeks after the close of his case, he’ll earn $150.

2.      Promote positive testimonials and online reviews.

Written client testimonials can be just as powerful as word of mouth recommendations. Online review sites like Yelp have become even more popular destinations for prospects to discover insights into actual client experiences, and posted reviews and testimonials can either convince prospects to work with your firm or avoid you at all costs.

3.      Ask clients… and then explain how!

As mentioned above, not all clients will refer your firm to prospects without prompting. If you’ve developed solid client relationships, simply asking satisfied clients may be the push they need to take action and fulfill your law firm’s marketing strategy.

Don’t hesitate to ask clients to refer you to their friends, acquaintances, coworkers, social media connections, etc.  But here’s the important part—provide clients an easy way to do it. For instance, have a page on your website where clients can write a recommendation/testimonial or answer questions about their experience, and then share their feedback to social media in one click.

4.      Take charge and follow up.

People get busy. Life happens. The client who just worked with your divorce and family law firm to settle a nasty separation could be so wrapped up in sorting through her post-divorce life that referring your firm is the last thing on her mind.

Therefore, it falls upon you to follow up. Use calendar reminders to remind you to reach out to clients soon after wrapping up their cases, and create a well-worded email template that you can effortlessly customize for each client.

Don’t forget to also touch base with a quick phone call!

Once these law firm marketing elements are in place, you’ll be able to quickly and easily follow up with clients while their experience, and positive emotions about your law firm, are still fresh.

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