Are you aware how significant a role your firm’s mission statement can play regarding branding and prospecting efforts? With so many elements involved in your law firm’s marketing strategy, it’s easy to overlook the importance of crafting a well-written mission statement that encompasses your law firm’s services, brand, and purpose.

Overall, a mission statement can be a powerful attorney marketing tool to express the impact your firm aims to have upon clients and the general community. With this in mind, consider the following elements while designing your law firm’s mission statement.

1.      Explain what your firm specializes in.

A mission statement is a brief explanation of what your law firm does, among other things. When crafting your statement, be sure that it includes an overview of what your law firm specializes in, whether it’s personal injury law or family and divorce matters.  Prospective clients should instantly realize what your firm does.

2.      Differentiate your firm within the market.

The underlying question that prospective clients will have is “Why should I work with your firm?” A mission statement is an attorney marketing tool that provides your firm the opportunity to answer that question, essentially differentiating your business from others. What does your law firm do better than any other firm—resolve cases several days faster than average, cultivate personal client relationships, or settle hard-to-resolve cases?
Tie that into your firm’s mission statement to explain why prospects should work with you.

3.      Represent your values.

The best attorney marketing isn’t cut and dry. Inject some personality into your law firm’s mission statement by mentioning values or philosophies that make up the foundation of your organization. Prospects may be more willing to consult your firm if they can relate to the values that your firm abides by.

4.      Consider long-term goals.

Mission statements aren’t something that should change on a whim. Therefore, your law firm should consider what will represent your brand and remain relevant to prospects in the long run. For example, if your bankruptcy firm seeks to be the largest legal firm in the state, do not pigeonhole your mission statement by stating that you aim to be the best small, local firm.

5.      Stay concise and relevant.

Although there are obviously quite a few elements that can be included in your law firm’s mission statement, it’s better to stay concise than to include too much. The point is to provide a brief snapshot of your law firm’s purpose, mission, and capabilities in order to both inform and entice prospective clients.

If you’ve got questions about attorney marketing strategies like crafting your law firm’s mission statement, contact us today! We’re here to help.  

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