While not all publicity is good publicity, it’s a general attorney advertising rule that the more your name reaches prospects and key figures, the greater your client portfolio. Building a solid public relations presence involves several aspects such as strategically connecting with the correct press contacts, producing high-quality and engaging material, and consistently positioning your law firm in the web and press limelight.

The following list of best practices and tricks of the trade may just help you and your law firm establish a conspicuous and ongoing PR presence, which in turn can mean increased traffic to your site and a greater number of incoming leads.

Build From the Inside Out

First, write good material for your law firm’s blog, newsletters, and/or press release page, as well as any other publications. Announce current events such as award wins and new attorney hires to display the “inner workings” of your law firm.

It is also important to flesh out a content calendar to ensure that you’re consistently pumping out material that is relevant and interesting to your audience (if the idea of outlining a content and marketing schedule makes your head spin, don’t panic—check out our blog post on creating a content and SEO calendar).

Create Content with a Purpose

Don’t forget that the most appealing news and blog content differentiates your firm within the market. When building attorney advertising campaigns, consider how you can position the content to be both informative and a call to action. For instance, even white papers—which are educational pieces—can be spun to demonstrate that your firm’s attorneys possess the knowledge and expertise to provide unbeatable legal counsel concerning the white paper’s particular topic.

Spread the News Around

After creating the content, the next step in attorney advertising is to blast the content out to as many vital platforms as possible, keeping in mind that you always want to drive traffic back to your website.

  • Post to your firm’s social media platforms
  • Email your firm’s newsletter to prospects and current and former clients
  • Send press releases and announcements to your local business journals or newspapers
  • Utilize a press release distribution service such as PR Newswire

Read on to learn more about the last two points above—forming beneficial relationships with local publications and press release distribution.

Cultivate Relationships with Local Publications

Connecting with key contacts at your local publications can be extremely beneficial to your attorney advertising efforts. If you don’t know any reporters or editors at your local business journal and legal publications, reach out and determine the best people to begin contacting.

Once you’ve developed a solid relationship with a few crucial figures, publications will probably be more willing to print your press releases, discount advertising space, or contact you for special features such as one-on-one interviews with top legal professionals within the community.

Utilize a Press Release Distribution Service

A press release distribution service may be the best option for your law firm when first building your PR foundation. Essentially, distribution services send your firm’s press releases to leading online publications, hopefully resulting in greater SEO on search engines like Google.

Paid services range from affordable to pricey. Before breaking the bank, check out free services such as PRLog.org and Newsvine to determine whether they meet your needs.

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