Is your law firm doing all the right things—maintaining an attorney marketing blog, contributing regularly, and even promoting content on social media—but still not be seeing ideal results in terms of reader comments and blog responses? If you’re scratching your head about how to engage readers and get them to interact with your blog posts, consider the following four tested tips for success.

1. Notify search engines of your blog’s existence.

Attracting readers to your attorney marketing blog starts with them finding the site via search engines like Google and Bing. To determine whether your blog page is currently listed in Google’s directory of websites, for instance, simply “Google” your webpage’s URL. If your blog page appears on the search results page, it is already indexed in Google’s system and can be found by Internet users.

If it does not appear on the search results page, go to Google’s Webmaster Tools page and follow the instructions for indexing your webpage’s URL.

2. Address your audience’s needs.

Most people don’t leisurely browse a law firm’s website; they visit a webpage when they need legal counsel or believe they might be in a situation that warrants legal assistance. Use this knowledge to your advantage and be sure to provide much-needed information and advice on your attorney marketing blog.

For example, a law firm specializing in personal injury and workers’ compensation could feature blog articles regarding the first steps to take after being injured in the workplace and the importance of having injuries documented by a medical professional. Posts like these that are relevant and informative to the firm’s target audience will automatically engage readers.

3. Provide an opportunity for reader feedback.

Blog readers are unlikely to engage with your blog if not given a chance to do so. Provide readers the opportunity to engage with your blog by urging them to comment below the post and share their personal opinion on the subject.

Even better, ask blog visitors to respond with their most pressing legal questions, transforming a one-dimensional comment portal into a discussion forum full of common concerns and enlightening answers.

4. Reply to reader comments!

Be honest—you probably wouldn’t go out of your way to speak to someone who always gave you the cold shoulder, right? The same rule of thumb applies to attorney marketing blogs as well; if readers comment on an article, failing to respond to the comment is not only rude but is also the quickest way to alienate your audience.

When responding to reader comments, keep these guidelines in mind:

  • Provide a timely response—within 24 hours is best
  • Stay positive even when responding to negative commentary
  • Customize responses to each comment and use the commenter’s name to make it more personal
  • If nothing else, at least thank the commenter for sharing his or her thoughts

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