Successful legal marketing is all about perceptions. The law firm that’s perceived to have the best legal services is the firm that will likely convert clients. One of the best ways to convert potential clients into actual ones is done through branding.

Attorneys don’t always think of branding when it comes to effective marketing—but good branding is behind some of the most powerful companies in the world—think Apple and Nike.

Before you set out to use branding in your marketing strategy, let’s take a look at what branding is, and 3 ways to do it effectively.

What is Branding?

Branding uses logos, colors, mottos, etc. to capture the essence of a company, and emotionally connect said company with clients. Branding can differentiate you from other companies, or law firms.

A good example of law firm branding is Casino Law, in which attorney James Casino uses a 2-minute video to promote his personal injury law firm. Casino uses a fiery, injustice-slamming sledgehammer as his logo. Now, when this signature sledgehammer appears in ads, viewers connect this image with Casino.

How To Brand Your Law Firm

Like any kind of marketing, there are right ways and wrong ways to establish a brand for your firm. Here are 3 branding tips that will market your business in all the right ways.

1. Own Your Brand

Successful branding singles out your law firm. In order for this to work, however, you need to make sure that your brand’s logo or motto are different from common branding images.

Legal logos such as law books or a courthouse have been used countless times by countless attorneys, and won’t connect your firm specifically to them. Using mottos such as “Exceptional client service,” or “We pay attention to detail,” also won’t work because such statements could be used by any business in any industry—and probably have been.

Your brand should help you stand out from the crowd; e.g. “Smith Law is San Diego’s DUI Defender.”

2. Be the First Or Best

So your law firm can’t claim that it’s the oldest firm in town, or has the most locations. You can still be first, or best, at something, and use that for branding.

Do you return client calls within 6 hours? Never keep clients waiting for more than 5 minutes beyond their scheduled meeting time? Was your firm the first in town to offer free Wi-Fi in your office? You can get creative here—especially if it’s something memorable.

3. Be True To Your Brand

A strong motto or logo will fail if it’s not backed up by matching behavior. You must meet the expectations of clients who associate your services with your brand. Whatever your brand represents, live up to that representation, or branding can actually hurt your business. If Smith Law is “San Diego’s Fastest Firm,” make sure you stay the fastest, or credibility, and clients, will be lost.

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