The trio social media giants—Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter—are all great resources for law firms to utilize as part of their overall social media and law firm marketing strategy.

Each has its perks: LinkedIn is a comprehensive professional networking site, Facebook is a more casual medium that enables interaction on a more personal level, and Twitter is an instant and easy-to-use communication hub.
However, these social media powerhouses also have drawbacks.

  • Facebook and LinkedIn posts only reach as far as their social spheres. For instance, a lawyer’s posts on his or her firm’s LinkedIn page only touch those people who are followers of that law firm’s page.
  • Additionally, LinkedIn provides a forum for strictly business related material, which can limit a law firm’s content possibilities.
  • Due to Twitter’s character limit, it can be difficult for law firms to utilize Tweets to spread substantial information. Also, Twitter has limited user interaction capabilities and the lifespan of a Tweet can be miniscule since users move from trend to trend so quickly.

Many law firms may be thinking, Wouldn’t it be great if one social media platform possessed all of the perks of other social media giants without any of the drawbacks? This is exactly why your law firm’s marketing plan should include Google+.

Google+ In a Nutshell

Admittedly, Google+ isn’t a perfect concoction of Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn’s advantages, but it does have several admirable qualities that may put it at the top of the social media food chain.

  1. It’s a space for both business and personal social media interaction, providing an opportunity for law firms to post various types of content and reach all demographics.
  2. Google+ intertwines with Google, the search engine, to increase the range of posted content and boost SEO.
  3. Law firms have the ability to target specific groups of people by assigning contacts into ‘circles.’ Basically, law firms can tailor content toward certain demographics so that every user sees content that is relevant to him or her.
  4. Google+ allows law firms to share photos, videos, location data, and even host webinars or face-to-face chats using the Hangouts feature.

Leveraging Google+ Hangouts

Google+ Hangouts enable a group of people to have a face-to-face chat via the Internet. This can be a great customer service tool for law firms, particularly when it comes to interacting with disgruntled clients or clients who are not situated locally.

Law firms can boost their marketing plans even further using Google+ Hangouts on Air, which allow law firms to host video discussions and publicize them on YouTube. Hangouts on Air can help law firms connect personally to their clients and prospects. Additionally, law firms can utilize Hangouts on Air to promote their brands with little effort and expense.

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