As an attorney trying to actively market your law firm,you can now add Google+ Local to your list of essential marketing tools.

Google+ Local can put your law firm on the map, literally. Here’s a quick look at what Google+ Local is, and why you should use this platform to get your business found.

What is Google+ Local?

Google+ Local acts as both a directory for collecting and aggregating online reviews, and a social medium for reaching out to existing and potential clients.

Google+ Local is a place for lawyers to provide firm details such as contact information, addresses and driving directions, business hours, and services offered to anyone searching for an attorney in your area. It also provides a portal for clients to leave reviews about your services.

In addition, Google+ Local integrates the social aspect of search. Your Google+ profile (linked to your Google+ Local listing) will allow you to connect with clients, actual and potential, by putting them in your circles—similar to friends on Facebook and followers on Twitter.

Why Should Your Firm Use Google+ Local?

For starters, it’s offered by Google, so if you’re listed on Google+ Local, you’re going to enjoy some SEO benefits. With the continued onslaught of Google algorithm updates, using Google+ Local is a safe harbor where clients and law firms can still connect by way of search—just in case your site rankings tank for algorithm non-compliance.
Here are 3 more reasons why Google+ Local is an important marketing tool.

1. Google+ Local is Locally Focused

Approximately 50% of keyword searches on Google include a location; San Diego injury attorney vs. injury attorney. Google+ Local allows law firms to reach a targeted local audience.

In addition, Google+ Local offers analytics information to listed businesses; e.g. how many people searched for an attorney using which keywords and when.

2. Reviews Matter

Potential clients love to read reviews from folks who have used the services of a particular business or businessman when faced with a similar need. Reviews from other consumers hold significant weight when making a purchase or service decision—lawyers being no exception.

Consider these statistics:

3. Put a Face (Or Picture) To a Name

Is your law firm in a uniquely styled building? Are there some great shots of your staff that you want to show potential clients? Google+ Local lets you add up to 10 photos to your listing. Also, Google+ Local’s Street View gives a panoramic view of your firm’s location for everyone to see.

For more information on Google+ Local, and other legal marketing tips and tricks, contact us. We’ll help you find marketing solutions that best fit your law firm’s needs.

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