When it comes to online marketing, most experts will agree that having a blog is a key component of a successful strategy.

Blogs give you visibility, they help establish your expertise and, because the search engines love them so much, they can even help improve your organic ranking.

But just having a blog is one thing; making that blog engaging and entertaining is quite another.

Here then, are a few ways to give your blog some personality.

Ditch the Lawyer-Speak

I spent years drafting pleadings and motions and contracts, so I’m well-versed in just how “exact” legal documents need to be. Nothing is left to interpretation, everything is defined in explicit detail and there’s always plenty ofheretofores, whereas-es and legal terminology peppered throughout.

And that’s just the nature of the beast… the law is nothing if not thorough.

But the rest of the world doesn’t talk that way. And while your clients certainly appreciate your ability to use that legalese when drafting their documents, they’d rather not have to decipher it in your daily communications.
And the same is true with your blog.

The fact that you’re discussing complex legal matters doesn’t mean you have to use complex language to do it. Yes, include terminology if it’s relevant, but then explain that terminology in a simple, no-nonsense kind of way. Help your readers not just come to the conclusion that you know your stuff, but also actually understand the stuff you’re telling them.

Use Stories

As a freelance writer, I’ve written on a number of topics, but all my most popular articles – regardless of subject matter – have one thing in common: they resonate with the reader.

And the easiest way to do this is to tell a story.

Stories transform legal concepts into situations and circumstances that could actually happen. Instead of just reading about specific laws that stipulate how retirement accounts are affected during a divorce for example, the reader suddenly understands how those laws are likely to play out in real life.

And if you’re worried about violating attorney-client privilege, don’t be… you don’t have to use stories from your own cases. Celebrities provide plenty of material that can be parlayed into an example that’s blog-worthy and you’ll likely get some extra traffic just because you included the celebrity’s name.

You can also use hypothetical stories to illustrate your post, giving you the ability to craft the story the way you want it to go. You’re not reporting news or fact at this point – you’re simply giving your readers a visual representation of the concept you’re trying to convey.

Get Personal… and Personable

For most people, choosing an attorney is much like choosing a healthcare provider: you want someone who’s good of course, but you also want someone you like. Granted, that second requirement might go right out the window in an emergency, but if given the chance to shop around, most people will follow the chemistry.

And it’s up to you to create it.

Your blog is a perfect opportunity to let your readers see the other, not-so-legal sides of you. An adventurous spirit, a love of travel or a wicked backhand are all pieces of the puzzle that is “You” and whether you realize it or not, all those pieces help to influence the way you run your business and the way you practice law.

Sharing some personal experiences or your thoughts on current events allow you to connect with your readers on a very personal level… and connecting with your readers is the quickest way to turn them into clients.

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