Maintaining a solid reputation for your law firm is a critical component to its success. A good reputation gives potential clients a reason to trust you, and to seek out your services. As long as you consistently engage in ethical practices and provide superior customer service, your reputation should reflect this, and online reviews about your firm should stay positive, or better, gleam with accolades.

However, one negative review left by a not-so-happy client can tarnish your reputation immediately, and maybe permanently, depending on its severity. When this happens, although it can seem daunting to try and rectify the damage, it can be done, and you can regain your reputable status.

Here are 3 easy ways to effectively defend your firm’s online reputation, in the event that it has been compromised.

1. Monitor Top Rating and Review Sites

For starters, here are the top rating and review sites:

  • Google Reviews/Local/Places/+
  • Yelp
  • Yahoo! Local Listings
  • Insider Pages
  • Citysearch

Make sure that your firm is monitoring what is being said about you on these sites, as millions of people read what is being said here daily. Also, make sure you check social media, too, such as Facebook and Twitter. A bad comment left here unattended can spread like wildfire.

2. Respond To Negative Posts

The most important step to successful damage control is to respond to what is being said about you. Negative comments aren’t simply going to disappear, because once something is on the Internet, it’s on there forever. Make sure you professionally address any bad review(s), and try to offer a way to fix the problem, and alter the way the commenter feels about your firm and your services.

TIP: A bad comment is one thing, but a false comment is another. If someone posts a comment about your firm that is not factually true, you can call or send an email to the review site requesting that it be removed, and why. In addition, top SE’s such as Google and Bing allow you to request that false information be removed from both business and personal websites.

3. Use Positive Testimonials

A great way to counteract a negative comment is with a positive one written by a satisfied client. You can link to these on review sites, if for instance they’re on your website, or better yet, ask the commenter for permission to repost. Chances are, they’ll say yes.

A positive review can take a negative review and not only challenge it, but defuse it, if the comment is well-written, detailed, and describes a personal and highly-satisfying experience with your firm.

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