In case you missed it, here is a recording of our recent Attorney Marketing Webinar: Content is King for Attorney Marketing.

During the information-packed session, you will learn: 
1. Why content should be the lynchpin of any successful digital marketing effort and the centerpiece of attorney marketing fusion.
2. How to leverage content to target an ever-growing long tail keyword base and capture a share of local search volume.
3. What types of content can be used to increase Time on Site and influence the social media sphere.
4. How SEO in 2014 calls for a different approach to content development, one not solely dependent upon keyword density and mere replication of key phrases.
5. How to best research keywords in the modern SEO era. Forget Google’s Keyword Planner!
6. Why developing content that is unique, relevant, helpful, and valuable will increase the response from an attorney’s client base.
7. What “authorship” is and why content creators are valued by Google.
A live Q&A session with James Attorney Marketing President Travis Hise will commence immediately following the presentation, so come with questions.
Like all James webinars, there is no sales pitch — just helpful tips, facts, and instructions.

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