Generally speaking, attaining success in social media endeavors involves completing simple everyday actions that add up to a significant online presence over the long run. Marketing professionals will tell you that this philosophy can work for Google+, a platform that many consider to be the promising and upcoming underdog in the social media realm.

Assess your law firm’s social media plan for Google+ and ask yourself—how could you fit these everyday action items into your schedule to increase your firm’s online visibility and influence?

Interact with Other Users

Online networking is similar to connecting in person; the more connections you have, the greater the benefits and pool of potential clients—the ultimate purpose of building your law firm’s social media platform!

Start and maintain valuable relationships by +1’ing others’ posts, which is comparable to “liking” posts on Facebook. When you +1 a post, your firm’s name spreads to the posting organization’s connections as well as your own. In addition, when a company notices your firm engaging with its content, it will most likely return the favor and spread your material.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask

After posting your law firm’s original content on Google+, encourage your followers to +1 and comment! Engagement with your posts increases their power tenfold. Sometimes, readers just need a nudge or a well-phrased call to action to jumpstart them into engaging with your law firm’s social media content.

Use Hashtags Strategically

Hashtags make your article topics searchable via Google, the search engine powerhouse. The key is to use them sparingly and only combine hashtags with the phrases that possess the most “trending” potential. For instance, a bankruptcy firm might leverage terms such as #bankruptytips or #bankruptcymistakes, while a divorce and family law firm could receive the greatest attention for topics such as #divorce and #divorcelawyer.

Advertise your Google+ Page on Existing Forums

Is your Google+ link featured on your webpage and blog posts? If not, today is the day to add that item to your law firm’s social media to do list. Advertising your Google+ page on platforms that see visitor traffic is easy and strategic.

Analyze Google+ Ripples

Ripples is a graphic representation of the public shares of any publicly shared URL or post. Essentially, it can help guide your law firm’s social media strategy toward what is trending on Google+, as well as statistics regarding how the post was shared and by whom. This data can be invaluable when determining what is most important to your law firm’s key demographics.

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