If you are a sole practitioner of the law or in a practice of 2 – 5 lawyers, you are among good company. The American Bar Association reports that more than half of America’s 1,225,452 licensed lawyers (April 2011) are in the same position. So how do you compete with the big firms when you have much fewer resources? The honest answer is that you can’t. However, thinking smart, defining your target market and focusing your budget on client-winning technology will keep the clients rolling in and put food on the table. Mobile technology is key to this strategy.

Get Your Website Noticed

If you got someone to set up a website for your practice, you may have started to look into ways to get that site noticed. Your site may have sleek presentation and make you look like a hot shot, or a legal shoulder to cry on, but your website isn’t worth much if no one knows it’s out there on the Web.

Get Ahead Of The Competition

Young, hungry sole practitioners are often derided as “ambulance chasers.” The only way to get ahead of the competition is to be there on the ground when a distressed member of the public unexpectedly needs help. The big firms get corporate clients who pay them retainers, but the little guy has to serve the general public, who rarely need legal services and don’t have a regular lawyer. Mobile technology makes you available at the touch of the button, without having to sit all night in the Emergency Room waiting for potential clients to be wheeled in.

Mobile Is The Future

The email marketing company, Moveable Ink produces a quarterly research paper called the US Consumer Device Preference Report. Their Q4 2013 edition marked a turning point. This survey showed that more people opened their emails on smartphones and tablets than on traditional computers such as desktops and laptops. Smartphones are a particularly useful communication tool for small legal practices and the tipping point that people are more likely to pick up their emails on them than on their home or office computer presents an opportunity.

Email communication is a major reason why the general public accesses the Internet, but it is not the only reason. Moveable Ink’s survey focuses on email access methods purely because that is central to their business. However, this data is indicative of the growth in use of smartphones for general Internet access, and that also means searches. A smartphone user has that phone with her at all times and if she has started to use it in place of her computer, she can use it to look up the number of a local lawyer in troubled times.

On-The-Go Communication

Mobile technology will greatly improve the image of the “ambulance chaser.” You can get distressed clients to find you and call to take advantage of your 24 hour emergency services. The first step on the road to getting smartphone-friendly is to become aware of the possibilities. If you tailor your services to people in distress, you need to get on the mobile bandwagon.

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