Busy law firms have busy schedules, and carving out extra time to spend on marketing is probably scant, at best. However, building a successful law firm requires that time be allotted for social media posts to engage your viewers, market your business, and grow your audience.

So, what if you could double the content you generate in half the time? Not only is this possible, it’s quite easy to do. Here are 5 tips on how you can double up on your social media content, without taking full time to do so.

1. Schedule Your Social Media Posts

Thanks to scheduling tools like Buffer, you can schedule your social posts. A lot of time is wasted throughout the day or week if you’re logging on for each individual post. By scheduling posts, you can double if not triple the amount of posts in much less time. Plus, you can schedule these posts to go live at the best time slots.

2. Collect Content Every Day

Finding relevant social content to post is time consuming if you’re looking for it at a moment’s notice. So, whenever you come across an interesting email, tweet, video, etc., you can use tools like Evernote to collect the content you want to either share immediately, or schedule to share at a later time. You can also make notes such as, “Shared this link at 10AM on 10/14,” or “Post this on 10/16 following the email blast.”

3. Post Your Content More Than Once

Although you should post original, fresh content as often as possible, you can repost your content more than once. The reason for this is that people check social media at different times on different time zones. Even your local audience may differ, as there are morning viewers and evening viewers depending on individual schedules.

Plus, reshared content may have more of a shot at going viral if it’s posted for everyone to see, and not buried under a heap of successive tweets or feeds.

4. Post Multiple Forms Of the Same Content

Instead of spending extra time generating new content ideas, use your most popular content and reproduce it. If you’ve posted an article that’s getting lots of traffic, turn that article into a video. If you’ve produced a popular video, create an infographic based on that video.

You can keep the topic of the content the same, just don’t replicate the content word-for-word. Each piece of content should have its own spin for originality and SEO purposes.

5. Good Content Doesn’t Have To Be Laborious

Finally, a solid, well-written article is fine to post, but good content doesn’t have to be an extensive project. An interesting photo, an engaging caption or quote, or a quick trivia question for viewers to answer/comment on (even better) are great pieces of content that can promote conversation among viewers—and take you minutes to create and schedule for upload.

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