A law firm’s website is a snapshot of its services, reputation, and selling points… or it can be, when well-made and maintained. More prospective clients than ever are turning to online resources like websites, social media profiles, and online reputation platforms when considering which law firm to consult, so establishing a solid online presence via a high-quality website is essential to say the least.

If you’re wondering whether your site is living up to its potential and truly driving business to your firm, turn a critical eye to your webpage and be on the lookout for these five signs of a poorly designed law firm website.

1. Difficult to maneuver

Is it easy to revisit the homepage from any page on your website? Does your site feature a navigation bar providing visitors quick access your blog, About Us, FAQ, and awards/accolades pages? If not, reconsider adding those elements and others that may streamline your website and make the entire experience more user-friendly.

For instance, on text-heavy pages that require significant scrolling, you might want to include a button at the bottom that swiftly takes users back to the top of the page. Don’t underestimate the effects of seemingly insignificant steps like this; they can make a huge difference to the overall user experience.

2. Cluttered with advertisements or unnecessary additions

An ad here or there is fine but promotions and sidebars shouldn’t distract from the main content of your law firm website.

3. Unappealing to the end user

Neon colors and images of puppies and kittens probably do not fit on a law firm’s medical malpractice homepage. That may be an extreme example but the point is that the style and attitude of your website should appeal to the end user. When designing or redesigning your law firm website, ask yourself: What kind of tone am I trying to portray—sympathetic, serious, compassionate? Should the copy be professional and concise or more casual?

4. Not optimized for your marketing purposes

The main purposes of your website probably include providing information to potential clients and driving prospects to consult your practice. However, if your webpages do not funnel visitors toward contacting your law firm, they are not achieving one of their main functions. Be sure to highlight your contact information on each and every page of your site or feature a button that enables website visitors to directly reach out via email, live chat, or telephone.

5. Hard on the eyes

Small, red text on a black background?  Size eight font throughout your blog page? Contrasting colors and miniscule or gigantic font are just two signs of a poorly designed website, and you can bet that they will turn prospects off from exploring your website for very long. Choose complementary colors and readable font for your law firm website to please visitors and increase the odds that they’ll poke around your page and contact your firm!

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