In today’s online marketplace, the Hispanic population carries significant buying power that law firms can’t afford to ignore: in January 2013, there were over 33 million Hispanics online, or a full 15% of the market.

However, successfully reaching Hispanic audiences requires law firms to move away from one-direction marketing, and employ a new way of communication.

Law firms that want to capture Hispanic business will need to incorporate areas on their website to target Spanish-speaking users.

While this may seem like a complicated task, especially if you don’t speak Spanish, here are 5 reasons why adding Spanish-language content to your website is worth the effort.

1. Less Competition

There are few law firms today strategically targeting both English and Spanish-speaking clients on their websites. Less competition means that you may be the only law firm in your sector that’s making itself available to a niche market. This also means less competition for keywords, so your pages will climb more quickly on the SERP’s.

2. Link Building

Link building may be a bit tricky, as you’ll need to identify quality Spanish-language websites hosted in the U.S., and pitch effectively to them to secure links. But, this can pay off in the long run, as you’ll drive more Spanish-speaking users back to your website, and you’ll need less links to see results, due to the lack of competition.

3. Location-Based Marketing

Using Google+ Local to target Spanish-speaking clients, and then directing them to your Google+ profile and website that provides Spanish-language content, is a powerful marketing strategy for your law firm.

Most people conduct location-based searches when seeking an attorney (e.g., “San Diego personal injury lawyer” or “San Diego abogado de accidentes”). Establishing an online presence in areas where there’s a large Hispanic population will expose you to a pool of otherwise untapped clients.

4. Quality Content Can Corner the Market

Due to few law firms providing quality content for Spanish-speaking users, hosting a website that provides useful, informative, and valuable content can put you miles ahead of your competition—especially in highly-populated Hispanic regions such as California, Texas, Arizona, and Florida.

Tip: The Spanish language is highly localized. Similar to the American distinction between “pop” and “soda” in the Northeast and Midwest, different countries of Central and South America have different words for the same thing. Depending on your location, make sure that the Spanish content you’re providing is proper for that area.

5. Hispanic SEO For Social Media

Incorporating Spanish-language content on your website will boost your SEO tremendously, but doing the same on your social media pages can be marketing gold. Be sure to tweet and post Spanish-language content on your social networks, and include links back to your Spanish web pages. Increased traffic, and conversion rates, are almost guaranteed to follow.

Even if you don’t personally speak Spanish (or fluently), finding a colleague in your local legal community who can shouldn’t be hard to find. Plus, stretching your services to include more diverse partners and associates is always good for business.

For more tips on effective legal marketing, contact us! We’re here to help you with all of your marketing goals.

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