If you think that attorney marketing videos are inherently bland and can’t appeal to viewers on a massive scale, check this video out:

Attorney Jamie Casino wrote and directed this 2-minute video that aired on Georgia channels during the Super Bowl that’s being heralded as “epic” and “amazing” by viewers, and has garnered close to 3 million YouTube hits.

The story breaks down like this. Casino was once a notorious criminal defense lawyer representing irreputable clients until his brother, a devout family man, was wrongfully killed. Casino now passionately serves as a personal injury attorney, and fights for those who can’t fight for themselves.

Minutes after its airing, links to this video on YouTube were passed around on Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit at lightning speeds, creating a viral storm. In the upcoming weeks, Casino is now booked to appear on ESPN and Good Morning America.

So what can attorneys learn from Casino’s video marketing efforts? A lot. Here are 3 key takeaways.

1. Any Video Can Go Viral

Casino took a heartfelt personal story, some creativity, and made a video that was so original and profound people couldn’t help but share it with others.

Every attorney has a story that inspires them to do what they do, either personally or professionally. Use life experience when you market yourself in a video. Be authentic, personable, and human. If your video can connect with others on an emotional level, just as Casino’s, it can be shared and viewed on a viral scale.

TIP: Casino likely spent good money for the Superbowl slot, and the production company that helped him produce the video, but a highly-polished video isn’t required to hit a viral status. All computers now come with some kind of editing equipment, and video production software is relatively inexpensive. Remember, it’s the content of the video, not necessarily the quality.

2. Video Is Great For Branding

Casino uses a fiery sledgehammer in his video to break down the injustice on his brother’s grave, which he has used in other ads. Now, when this signature sledgehammer appears in future videos, viewers who are familiar with his ads will recognize the video as Jamie Casino’s.

Video can help brand your firm easily and effectively. This is not to say that you need a physical totem to brand yourself, as Casino’s sledgehammer, but you can brand yourself with the style of videos you produce, and even the subject matter. If you’re well-seasoned in DUI defense tips, produce a series of videos as a DUI instructor, etc.

3. Video Is Great For SEO

Casino’s video has garnered so many backlinks and YouTube hits, one only has to enter “Superbowl lawyer” on Google, and Casino’s video is front and center. Google now indexes video with priority (Google owns YouTube), so marketing with video should be a main priority for your firm, if it isn’t already.

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