Compared to print advertising, social media campaigns, and email marketing, client surveys may not seem like a relevant and necessary element of your law firm’s marketing strategy. However, it would be a mistake to undervalue or disregard surveys; when administered and analyzed correctly, they can provide insightful data regarding your firm’s marketing efforts.

For instance, they can tell you how to best reach prospects and which parts of your website are working… and which aren’t. That’s just the tip of the iceberg! Use the following information to learn what kinds of survey questions you should be asking your clients, and how to best utilize collected data to steer and improve your law firm’s marketing plans.

How did you locate my/our law firm?

You should generally pose this question to clients when the relationship is still new, preferably during the first conversation. With so many avenues of information available to prospects including various social media platforms (Yelp!, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, etc.), it can be difficult to determine which sources are effectively pushing candidates to the phone or through the door for consultations that could eventually transform into real business for your firm.

Nail down how clients are finding your firm’s name and unlock a gold mine of information about where to focus your law firm’s marketing efforts.

Which medium do you use most often to view websites/blogs and read emails?

Do most of your clients use desktops and laptops for most of their online needs or are they trending toward smartphones and tablets? Analyze data trends after surveying your clients, and then implement solutions geared toward their preferences.

For example, if most of your clients claim that they use smartphones to browse the Internet and peruse email, be sure to gear marketing materials to smartphone users as well as traditional desktop/laptop users. Your law firm’s website should already be optimized for mobile, but you may need to adjust the layout and content of your email campaigns and e-newsletters to appeal to smartphone and tablet users as well. For instance, consider implementing these elements on your law firm’s marketing pieces:

  • Larger font
  • Shorter articles and more concise content
  • Images that are appealing and viewable on smaller screens.

Which topics would you like to receive more information about?

Provide a list of potential topics to clients when posing this question, and let them check the ones they are most interested in. After you’ve gathered enough data, you may notice trends among your client base. Are most of your DUI firm’s clients interested in information about the flaws of field sobriety tests and how BAC is calculated? Feature information on these subjects on your blog and/or email newsletters in order to appeal to your audience and boost readership.

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