From the National Security Agency’s data collection scandal to BatKid saving San Francisco, 2013 was a year of memorable social media moments. These moments can be more than just memories for your law firm, they can be guidelines for what to do (and what not to do) in 2014. Read on to discover a few things that 2013 can teach lawyers about social media.

1. Respect your audience’s privacy and security.

When the news broke that the NSA had been collecting online data that Internet users had previously thought to be secure, the public outcry was overwhelming. What should this teach lawyers about social media? Social media users connecting with your law firm over platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest want to know that they can trust you.

This is particularly true when handling sensitive information such as birthdates and mailing and email addresses, but the philosophy can apply to any information provided to your law firm over the Internet. If your law firm asks social media users to provide personal information to participate in any contests, be sure to implement a secure Internet connection and post the contest’s Terms & Conditions.

2. It doesn’t take long to build a social media presence.

Vine, Twitter’s video app that enables users to create and edit six-second videos, was a huge hit in 2013. Even President Obama utilized Vine to spread messages over social media and personally connect with the American public.

If your law firm doesn’t have time to implement a full-blown social media strategy, consider utilizing Vine videos as an easy way to stay in touch with your Twitter audience. No matter how hectic your law firm may be, everyone can spare six seconds to create potentially valuable client connections.

In addition, Vine videos can function as great teasers to direct traffic to your firm’s blog or website. For instance, a firm specializing in bankruptcy can post a Vine clip asking, “Are you making these common bankruptcy mistakes? Find out by visiting our website at…”

3. Don’t be afraid to share heartwarming stories.

When the Make-A-Wish Foundation helped a child with Leukemia fulfill his fantasy of becoming Batman, Twitter and Facebook users couldn’t get enough of the heartwarming photos and videos. If your firm’s lawyers can learn any lesson about social media from this, it’s that people love hearing about good deeds.

Does your firm participate in local associations? Promote community service efforts? Sponsor scholarships for community college students? Don’t be afraid to share these stories on social media—post photos and videos of your firm’s volunteer efforts! It’s a great way to brand your firm as one that truly cares about doing good things for people, whether that means fighting to settle a client’s personal injury case or supporting the local Boys & Girls Club.

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