Every blog written by your firm needs to build trust with your readers. If a reader doesn’t trust you, they won’t seek your firm for legal representation, or refer your firm to others.
Although blogs can’t simply flash words that immediately secure a reader’s trust, there are 10 words when used in conjunction with great content, descriptive tone, and authoritative presentation that can build trust among your audience. Let’s take a look at each.

1. Trust or Trusted

Not surprisingly, the word “trust” generates trust. If you want a prospective client to trust you, it’s important to tell them that they can. Phrases such as “Our firm can be trusted to…,” or “Trust us with your…,” etc., are meaningful statements that are received well.

2. Affordable

Legal fees make many people weary, so using the word “affordable” when describing your firm’s services can ease a client’s concerns that your firm is not out to rip them off, and they won’t have to take out a bank loan to hire your firm.

3. Care or Caring

“Our caring legal staff…,” or “Our firm cares about…” communicates that your firm is concerned about a client’s well-being, and that their case will be handled with sensitivity. These words are especially important for blogs associated with personal injury, family law, and elder law.

4. Respect

All clients want to feel respected, no matter their legal situation. By using “respect” in your blogs, this conveys that every client will be valued and represented in high regard.

5. Honest or Honesty

Lawyers aren’t always perceived as being the most honest of professionals, so using this word when describing your law firm and how you conduct your business is important in building trust, and challenging stereotypes.

6. Quality

“Quality” is an assurance word that can establish credibility for your firm, and instill confidence in a client who wants to make sure they’re hiring legal representation of merit and prestige.

7. Satisfaction

“Satisfaction” is exactly what a prospective client wants to hear. If you can communicate that your client’s legal needs will be met with satisfaction, this will quickly build trust among prospects.

8. Consistency

A wishy-washy attorney is the last thing a client wants to deal with. “Consistency” represents stability, and imparts that your behavior and actions will remain reliable whether you’ve had a great day on a client’s case, or a stressful one.

9. Always

“Always” is another assurance word, as it precedes phrases that mean a lot to begin with; e.g. “Our firm will always handle your case with utmost priority.” Adding “always” to a phrase is like adding icing to a cake.

10. Never

“Never” is a negative statement, but it can be used to communicate positive actions. “Our firm will never keep you waiting,” or “We will never fail to provide exceptional client service,” sound just as trustworthy as if you rephrased the statements with “always.”

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