Have you ever thought about Live Chat for your law firm website? It’s a 24/7 support application that is installed to your website. It allows for direct communication with visitors in real-time by using an instant messaging chat window. It’s a great way to be proactive and generate leads through your website. Here are some other reasons why you should invest in Live Chat.

Live chat can boost sales by 20%.

Did you know that 97% of new website visitors leave a website within two minutes? If you’re available to chat with potential clients 24/7, you can persuade them to choose your law firm because they can actually contact you.

1 in 5 Website Shoppers Prefer Live Chat.

If a potential client has a quick question, it’s easier for them to ask on Live Chat because it’s less work on their end. All they need to do is open a chat window; they don’t have to call your office and feel pressured to speak with anyone.

Generate useful analytics.

By engaging with future clients on Live Chat, you can see firsthand what type of questions they might have. You can track visitors, see where they go to on your website, how long they stay, and if they all have similar questions about your law firm.

Better lead quality.

Live Chat sessions are often initiated by a visitor who needs immediate help.  You can screen out the visitors who are not prospective clients before they take up too much of your time.

Concentrated follow-up.

Once you have found strong prospects through Live Chat, you can promptly follow-up with them. All you simply need to do is get their contact information and you’re set.

Using all the tools you can get to generate new clients is better than sitting around waiting for a phone call. If you have Live Chat installed, it helps increase visitor time on your website. It also gives your law firm staff assurance that they have done their best to reach out to inquiring clients.

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