Your law firm might already have a Twitter, Facebook, and evenLinkedin set up, but do you guys have an active attorney blog?  The keyword there is “active”.  If your most recent blog post is more than a month old, it doesn’t make the cut.

As an attorney, having up-to-date and thoughtful blog posts are an extremely beneficial tool to your practice and here’s why:

Blogging is like another form of social media, it can be a marketing tactic that helps your law firm get more online visibility. Essentially, creating a short-form article or a “post” (like this post that you are currently reading) is a blog.  You want to blog because it increases online visibility, which is the ability to be found and seen on the internet.

Examples of online visibility are when your law firm’s social media, blogs, and website shows up in search engine results.

One of the basic rules of creating more online visibility is, the more pages your website has, the more likely you’ll have a chance to rank in search engine results.  This doesn’t mean you should thoughtlessly add pages to your website; it would be unfair to your law firm and also unfair to any client trying to navigate through your website.

This is where the glory of blogging steps into place.  Your blog can be housed under a specific section on your website.  You can post as many blogs as you want and it is organized chronologically. Essentially, the more blogs you post, the more pages you get, thus creating more online visibility.

Now that you know the basics of blog and online visibility, keep the blog content relevant.  Not sure how to generate relevant content? Read our previous blog on content. The easiest way is to write about something you specialize in. If you’re a Social Security disability lawyer, write about a question you get asked often like “What to do when your disability runs out?” or if you’re a DUI lawyer a topic like “10 Things That Happen If You Get a DUI” would be another good example for a blog post. Once you decide on a topic and write out the blog, it helps to include a call to action within the post.  Going back to the DUI lawyer example, include a blurb at the end stating something like “If you or someone you know has gotten a DUI and needs help, call us for a case evaluation.”

So here’s our call to action: Don’t have a blog on your website? We can help with our web design services, contact us today.

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