There is no doubt that both Facebook and Twitter are great ways to connect with clients and boost your business; however you still need a website to make yourself stand out.

Look professional

Both networks are free to sign up, so what distinguishes you from the millions of other businesses that have a Facebook or Twitter account? While it is necessary to be on social media networks now, the web changes every day, so who knows when Facebook and Twitter will run its course. If that seems impossible, just look at MySpace. The only place on the web you can call your own is your website. Having a website gives you not only credibility but an online presence and identity that will help build a larger client base.

No character limit

With Twitter you are limited to 160 characters per tweet. How much can you really say in 160 characters? With your own website the possibilities are endless and you can have as much content as you like. The idea is to integrate your social media and website together as one. Tweet a quick synopsis of your latest article or blog post and then provide a link where future clients can get more information, and in turn drive more traffic to your website.

Gather client information and keep them informed

With Facebook and Twitter, you have no way of gathering a user’s information to keep them informed on updates to your website and law firm. You are banking on them to read their Facebook and Twitter feeds. What if they don’t? With your website you can setup a subscription form so they can be notified directly by email or phone – in addition to finding out exactly what their needs as a client are.

Client testimonials

As noted above, anyone can setup a Facebook or Twitter account, so how would future clients know how legitimate you really are? With testimonials from your previous clients on your own website, prospective clients can see other reviews and thoughts of your business practice.
Facebook and Twitter help drive the original traffic, but an informative and recently updated website will keep that traffic coming back. The best thing you can do is integrate your social media platforms with your website and visa-versa.

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