Unless you’ve been hiding out, you probably realize that videos today are one of the most effective forms of online communication. Although lawyers understand the appeal of video for entertainment purposes, broadcasting news, etc., too often they overlook the necessity video plays in effective legal marketing.

Trends in SEO and social media are all progressing in a way that makes video a critical communication tool. Video can educate your readers, drive traffic to your website, blog and social networks, and communicate who you are in a way that no written word can.

Incorporating video as a key marketing tool can do wonders for:

  • Popularity
  • Sociability
  • Discoverability
  • Accessibility
  • Longevity

Let’s look at these reasons in greater detail.

Video Is Good For SEO.

People searching for legal representation will almost always prefer to see you and hear you than just read your content on a web page. Google video searches are great for this. They allow potential clients to see you in action; whether you’re introducing your firm or giving a tutorial on a complex legal matter. Being indexed on Google video will boost traffic to your website and your social media networks.

Plus, uploading your video(s) on YouTube will increase your online visibility tremendously (Google owns YouTube, get it?). And if you happen to make a video that goes viral? You just hit the legal marketing jackpot.

Video Is Good For Community.

Video is one of those things that people love to share on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc. Having a good video on your website can pass your name around and expose your firm to a world of connections that might have otherwise been inaccessible.

Video Is Good For Branding.

Video can help brand your firm easily and effectively. Play on your strengths, and produce video(s) that show your legal expertise. Do you know DUI defense tips that aren’t well-known? Make a tutorial video. Can you give clear instructions on the first steps someone should take if they’ve suffered a personal injury? Outline these in a video.

Clear, informative, and short instructional videos will educate your viewers, and poise you as the go-to lawyer due to your industry knowledge.

Video Can Increase Mobile Users.

Everything is now done by phone, especially watching videos. The more your website accommodates mobile users with video, the more traffic you’re going to drive to your site—and conversion rates are likely to increase from here.

Video Can Provide Lasting Results.

Videos can take impersonal web text and inject life into it by putting a face to your firm and a voice to your message. Withstanding a personal introduction, video is the closest thing that potential clients have to see you and hear you in real time. In turn, viewers are more encouraged to meet you, as an emotional connection has already been made.

The benefits of embedding video on your site doesn’t end here. To find out more about video, SEO, and other tools of the trade, get a hold of us today.

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