Lawyers are in the relationship business. Building strong relationships with consumers or businesspeople in need of legal services — and with prolific referral sources — is how lawyers thrive.
Social media allows you to project your relationship-building efforts across large groups instead of one-by-one. Social media will not replace your individual relationship-creation efforts, but it can tremendously magnify them. This enhancement is especially important in these days of reduced demand for legal services. As traditional methods of generating clients decline in effectiveness, social media can help fill the gap.
How specifically do you as a lawyer build relationships using social media? By sharing your expertise. This approach accomplishes multiple goals:

  • You draw readers interested in the legal services you are explaining
  • You demonstrate your competence
  • You move readers forward along the signup path

When it comes time to retain counsel, prospects who have been reading your social media posts for months are unlikely to shop, are less price sensitive, and are already educated about the basics.
Don’t let these high-quality clients go elsewhere just because you are hesitant to take the plunge into social media
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