Maintaining your social media presence as a business is an important and often neglected strategy that law firms—especially those that attract clients through online marketing—fail to recognise as important.  Social media can be important for directing traffic toward your website and should be integrated into every law firm’s content marketing strategy.

Millions Use Social Media Daily, and You Should Too.

Social media is more important now than ever. Facebook has a staggering 1.11 billion registered users and Twitter has more than 200 million active users. Focus on one or two social media platforms to spearhead your online marketing efforts and see where your industry’s audience is most active.  Don’t neglect avenues such as Tumblr, Pinterest and, which have millions of users respectively and are good mediums for sharing visual graphics produced by your law firm. The more active you are on social media, the more online conversation you generate about your services and your content.  By generating a buzz about your law firm online, there will be a greater chance that clients will be referred to you via virtual word of mouth and come to trust you.

Discover News.

Making daily use of social media will enable you to keep faster track of new developments in your industry and respond to them or generate content about them quickly and efficiently. Being among the first to break industry news will increase the ability of your content to go viral. Legislation governing Canadian immigration, for example, is constantly changing and social media is an exciting place to stay abreast of updates and reactions to these modifications.


Build relationships with other bloggers and professional organisations related to your industry by sharing their content, by commenting and interacting with their posts, and by asking questions. Direct engagement with other users on the internet is the most efficient way to increase the exposure of your own content and brand.  Join existing online communities or create your own and answer questions by linking back to your content. By establishing thought leadership, followers are likely to refer back to your firm for legal advice and may ultimately retain your services. Failing to acknowledge user comments and questions in a timely manner will stymie your online marketing efforts and reduce your credibility. Potential clients may be disposed to choose a more responsive law firm over yours.

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