You may have heard about hashtags and even seen them in television ads and all over the Internet. But what exactly do hashtags mean and how can you use them in your legal marketing campaign? Here’s a look at some questions you may have about utilizing hashtags for your firm.

What is a Hashtag?

A hashtag starts with the # sign and is followed by a word or phrase. For example, #guiltyplea or #lawsuit may be common hashtags for a law firm. These hashtags can group together various social media posts about the topic. So if you tweet #guiltyplea following a popular criminal trial in the news, you will create a feed of similar posts using the same hashtag.

Why Use Hashtags?

The use of hashtags can put you in a much larger discussion than simply tweeting or posting alone. Those interested in the topic and participating in the discussion can see what your thoughts are. This can be a networking tool and advertising opportunity as you can establish yourself as an authority on a particular subject.

How Can You Create a Hashtag?

It’s simple to create a hashtag. You basically choose any word or phrase preceded by a # symbol. However, you will want to give some thought and create a hashtag that others will use and look for. Or you could simply browse around and select an existing hashtag.

What Shouldn’t You Do With Hashtags?

Don’t get carried away with hashtags. You should stay away from two or more hashtags in a post or tweet. It can look like spam or just be overwhelming to the reader. You also will not want overly long hashtags. Ideally, your hashtag should be short, simple, and easy for users to recognize and remember.

Why Research is Important?

Now that you understand the basics of a hashtag, you should take a step back and research your potential tags before incorporating them. For example, you may be surprised that a clever hashtag that you choose is actually associated with another unrelated and negative topic. So it’s a good idea to spend five minutes looking into your hashtag to ensure that it represents what you want it to represent.

Legal marketing through use of social media is a relatively new area. If you have any questions about marketing your firm through use of new media, contact us to discuss your goals and needs.

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