In the social media world, accessibility and connectedness reign supreme.  Users want responsiveness at the click of a button, particularly when it comes to navigating a law firm’s website or blog.  Using embedded Tweets to feature videos, Tweet responses (“retweets”), article summaries, and photos in your website or blog can make your page more interactive, boost your web traffic, and demonstrate that your law firm is “in the know.”

Follow these easy steps to embed Tweets within your law firm’s website or blog.

  1. Locate the “More” button at the bottom right corner of a Tweet and select “Embed this Tweet.”
  2. A dialogue box featuring HTML code should open.
  3. Tweak the code if desired (see below to learn about personalizing Tweet appearance).
  4. Copy the HTML and paste it into the appropriate section of the webpage or blog article.

Personalizing Tweet Appearance

When embedding a Tweet in your law firm’s website or blog, you can customize the Tweet’s appearance to match the style and look of your page or article.  For instance, law firms can hide Twitter conversations, adjust the alignment and color of embedded Tweets, and even modify the amount of space that the embedded Tweet occupies on the page.  Visit the Twitter help page to learn the specific HTML code snippet required for each adjustment.

Customizing Tweet appearance can help you seamlessly blend an embedded Tweet, such as a photo or video, into the body of your law firm’s website or blog post, adding to the richness and accessibility of content.

Embedding Tweets on WordPress

If your law firm hosts its blog on WordPress, you are in luck; the platform makes it easy to embed Tweets. Users can copy a Tweet’s URL and paste it within their blog post, then sit back and let WordPress do the work. 

Content Suggestions

Law firms can use embedded Tweets in any number of ways.  The opportunities for content sharing are endless!  Here are just a few ideas for using embedded Tweets on your law firm’s website or blog:

  • Refer to news features in order to generate interest around a blog topic or validate blog content
  • Promote networking events and social media campaigns
  • Feature client endorsements
  • Announce new products and team members via video

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