As a young attorney, one of the most challenging tasks to finding work is putting your inexperience behind you. Until you have a few cases under your belt, you’re going to need to market yourself in the most effective ways.

An additional challenge is the cost of marketing; without a surplus of clients, it’s unlikely you have a surplus of cash to use on print advertising, a suped-up website, etc.

Luckily, there are options. Here are the top, cost-effective marketing tips for young attorneys that you can start using today.

Social Media is Key.

If you’re not using as many social media sites as possible to market yourself, you’re missing out on invaluable opportunities. The list is many, but the top sites you should be using are LinkedIn, Twitter,Facebook, Digg, Google+, even YouTube. Not only are these sites free of charge, you can network with other legal professionals, connect with colleagues and present clients, and access a massive pool of potential clients all at the same time. Blog about legal topics and articles users will read (and share), even upload a video or two illustrating your legal knowledge and advice. Social media will get you found online, and direct clientele to your door.

Do Speaking Engagements.

One of the difficulties young lawyers face in securing new clients is the perception that inexperience equals lack of knowledge. Speaking engagements are a great way to defy this stigma. Speaking before an audience allows you to voice your practice area knowledge, but it also lets you talk about legal issues in general. When skeptical would-be clients hear you speak, if you’ve done your homework and know what you’re talking about, they’re likely to listen. And, be sure to post what/when/where you’ll be speaking on your social media pages.

Sleep With the Enemy.

Lawyers tend to respect other lawyers based on performance and integrity—even if they’re on opposing sides. At the conclusion of a case, no matter the outcome, remain respectful to your legal adversary. Invite to take them to lunch, dinner, or drinks to listen to their industry advice. Try to stay in contact with them and build a professional relationship. This is an excellent way to get case referrals.

Volunteer, Enroll, or Otherwise Get Involved.

Find local organizations that relate to your practice area, and get involved. If you’re a personal injury lawyer, find organizations that health care providers belong to and get active within those organizations; i.e. become a member of the holistic chapter of your local Chamber of Commerce. There are great marketing opportunities in volunteer work, as well. Volunteer at local hospitals where you can lend free legal advice—and hand out business cards.

Do Exceptional Legal Work.

This really is the most surefire way to get work, and keep work coming. Quality legal work builds respect in the legal community, trust in your clients, and likely referrals to future clients. Treat each case with the same dedication and skill—regardless of the complexity or compensation involved.

These marketing tips don’t require a large advertising budget or additional resources; just a bit of creativity and commitment. Although effective marketing does not yield results overnight, in time you’ll see the benefit of your efforts, as your client and case roster steadily grows. For more tips and other business strategies, contact us—we’ve got methods that work.

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