When it comes to lawyer marketing, no strategy is more valuable than good old fashioned referrals. Lawyers and businesses have relied on so-called relationship marketing for ages, and for good reason. This blog will delve into some tips about why referrals are so important, and how to make them happen for your firm.

Referrals Make For Effortless Marketing

Attorneys who show dedication to their cases and build strong relationships with their clients usually have no problem gaining new clients effortlessly. Establishing a personal connection with your clients will help your practice stand out amongst your competitors, regardless of how flashy your website is or where you rank in the search engines.
Unlike other marketing strategies, generating new business from referrals doesn’t magically happen (like a Pay-per-click campaign might). You must dedicate yourself to a high quality of personalized service and really listen to your clients’ needs. Remind your clients to refer their friends, and they will be happy to do so. But you will also find that referrals simply generate themselves.
It’s also important to show your gratefulness and make sure your clients know how much you appreciate the business they are bringing you. Referrals can do more than generate clients; they can also enrich your existing client relationships.
While referrals often come naturally, it can’t hurt to use some special tools to make them happen.

Referral Generation Tools

A monthly or seasonal newsletter is a highly-effective strategy for referral generation and helps you keep in touch with old and new clients. Newsletters help you demonstrate your legal expertise and offer a personal glimpse into the goings-on at your firm. Here at James, we offer legal newsletter services that can be customized as much, or as little, as you want.
The new James Attorney Marketing Social Security Disability Referral program was specifically honed to foster referrals for disability lawyers. It includes personalized, monthly letters with associated brochures, booklets and other items that demonstrate your expertise to past and potential clients.
If you’re looking for a way to effortlessly generate client referrals, get in touch today for more information about how we can help! We will soon be offering referral program packages for additional practice areas, so stay tuned for updates.

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