In terms of game-changing marketing tactics, few have been as earthshaking in the past year as the rise of SoLoMo. The phrase—which stands for social/local/mobile—indicates a massive shift in the way that law firms need to approach digital marketing. It will open new doors for lawyers to communicate with potential clients, grant easier access to geographic targeting, and ensure that smart, savvy firms can build their brands consistently and constantly across multiple platforms.

SoLoMo and Branding

As I mentioned in a previous blog post, branding is absolutely imperative for attorneys in 2013 and beyond. These days, every geographic region typically has dozens or hundreds of attorneys running optimized websites and competing against one another. By being more unique and comprehensive than your competitor, you can gain a larger share of your target market.
The social/local/mobile tactic aids in this quest. Developing your firm (brand) on multiple digital platforms ensures you have the necessary reach to connect with potential, existing, and past clients on any device 24/7. Creating a mobile website ensures you don’t alienate people browsing with smart phones (an increasingly large segment of the population). Updating your social profiles with useful information encourages sharing of your content, which is now a primary factor in search algorithms, and allows you to be found on powerful new tools like Facebook Graph Search. Establishing yourself on local business directories like Google+ Local keeps you relevant in search results in areas near your office.

A Paradigm Shift

Attorneys need to adapt to the SoLoMo movement. Potential legal clients are going to use social, local, and mobile platforms more and more frequently in the future, and while your standalone website may have been enough to compete online several years ago, it is no longer sufficient.
The best advice we can give you is this: start now. Don’t wait for another six months while your competitors develop their brands and leave you behind. It is always harder to make up lost ground than get a head start, so create your Google+ Local page, establish a presence on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and invest in a mobile website or responsive theme that can appeal to on-the-go users.
SoLoMo is here to stay, and the benefits for attorneys getting on board sooner rather than later can’t be overstated.
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