Today, prospective clients have so many options via the internet when it comes to choosing the right attorney for them. Another way to make you stand out to gather more followers and potential clients is to write a blog. This will help with your law firm marketing efforts.  Even one blog post per month is better than no blog posts at all. If you feel like you already have something to say then why not parlay that into something that can help you and increase your website traffic.

As an attorney your reputation is more important than anything else you have. A blog will establish your legitimacy and prove you to be an expert on the subject you are blogging about. When writing blog posts it is best to come up with original and valuable content that your readers can share with others and keep them coming back on a daily, weekly, or even monthly basis for more.

If you have a social media account such as Facebook or Twitter then you are already one step ahead in the game. By blogging you can automatically integrate those posts with your social media and market them to an already existing audience. When a follower re-tweets, shares or like’s your post that tells Google and other search engines that a real person is visiting your site and using your content. Integrating your blog with your already existing social media does nothing but help your SEO presence.

If the above reasons are not enough for you to start blogging then consider these numbers. The most convincing statistic we have found is that 79 percent of law firms that have a blog are reporting a positive return on their investment for their marketing campaigns this year. When comparing that statistic to those law firms that do not have an existing blog, those firms are only seeing a 20% ROI on their marketing campaigns.  In addition to that impressive stat 60% of SEO firms rate blogging as one of their top ways of driving in bound traffic to their clients websites. And we, James Attorney Marketing, include ourselves in that 60% figure as we cannot stress enough the importance of blogging as it is the best way to provide original content to your prospective clients and readers.

If you want to start gaining clients from the competition and build a user base that will keep visiting your website every time a new piece of content is added then start blogging today!

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