As an account manager here at James, I am fortunate to be one of the few who actually gets to work directly, one-on-one with our clients. Combine my time here at James and two years working in a law firm, if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that attorneys have zero time to spare.
If you’re an attorney tossing around the idea of building a new website for your law firm, you likely know two things: that you need one, and that you don’t think you have the time to get involved in building one.
It’s an understandable concern. Looking at a website and all the pieces that put it together can make it feel a bit daunting.  But wait! At James, we’re acutely aware that you have more important things to worry about all day than which shade of gray complements periwinkle blue or what type of content will keep readers eyes on your pages longer or whether or not a case evaluation form should be on the left hand side of the page or the right hand side (I recommend the right).
So, just how much time will be required of you?  The simplest answer is: as little as you want.  While we do need some basics from you (10 minutes max), we’re very good at narrowing down the questions to just the essentials if you’re willing to hand over the reins to our team. And the process?  It’s a breeze.

Here are 8 easy steps to launching your new attorney website:

1 (and most important):  You decide you need a website! (You do!)
2 (the most fun):  You get a call from an account manager, like myself, who will ask you approximately 20 painless questions, to which you can give as detailed or un-detailed answers as you’d like.  “Pick the color for me” works and so does “Please use Cyan Blue hex color #278291 348726.”
3:  We take your answers and put together a snazzy “ mock-up” of what your site’s homepage will look like.
4:  You approve it or tell us just what you’d like to change in order for it to be just what you’re looking for.
5:  You see a second revision, make any additional changes you want, you seal it with your official stamp of approval.
6: We build your site!
7:  We send you a test-link to view your site online with all content up so that you can navigate your way through every page and make sure you love it all the way through.
8: Pending your approval or any minor changes, we take your site live!
If you’ll notice, 99 percent of the work listed in these steps is on the extremely capable James design and coding teams. Really all you have to do is answer a couple questions and say “Yes I love it” or “Change this and then I’ll love it.”
Bottom line: if you can spare 20 minutes, we can build you a top-notch website. And, heck, that’s like the time it takes to sit in a drive through at In-n-Out these days — so call us while you wait.

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