Some law firms spend hours establishing a social media presence on a number of platforms only to later wonder why they are not receiving the expected amount of audience feedback.  The truth is that they may be overlooking one of the most important elements of any law firm’s social media strategy—mobile optimization.

Keep the following advice in mind while designing your social media posts to accrue mobile social media followers.

Know Your Mobile User Demographic

The audience that views your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and blog pages via a computer may not be the same audience who accesses your content via a tablet or smartphone. There is a good chance that the latter is composed of younger, more technologically savvy viewers than your traditional audience, which means you may have to adjust the tone and substance of your law firm’s social media material.

Post Strategically

Tailoring material to the appropriate demographic is essential, but it won’t make a difference if the content does not reach an audience.  Follow these tips to promote viewership:

  • Post current material often.  Social media posts remain fresh for only a short period of time and mobile viewers are constantly refreshing their feeds to uncover the most recent trends and information.
  • Experiment with new platforms. If you’re not using Instagram and Pinterest to promote your firm then you can say goodbye to tons of potential clients.
  • Use link shortener programs like bitly when sharing web links to track interaction levels and determine where your law firm’s social media efforts achieve the greatest results.

Brand Everything but Avoid Clutter

All social media posts should include your firm’s name and logo, and a clickable link back to your firm’s website (mobile website) when possible.

Best practice is to keep the design tidy and the text concise.  Posts with detailed graphics and tiny text may look fine on a computer screen, but they’re going to look cluttered on a six-inch smartphone screen.  Also, images tend to capture more attention than text. Think of each post as an advertisement.  Would it catch your eye if viewed on a mobile device?

Use the Three-Step Rule

Mobile users should be able to quickly and easily interact with posted content.  Your law firm’s social media contests and promotions shouldn’t require participants to complete more than three simple steps to enter.  If mobile users have to bounce around to various webpages or download an app to participate, they’ll most likely lose interest.

In addition, incentivizing content sharing and asking followers to interact by posting relevant photos taken using their smartphones and tablets can significantly increase your law firm’s social media reach.

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