Law firms, particularly small or fledgling operations, can receive a significant amount of business from local clients. After all, the majority of consumers are more willing to consult a reputable law firm that is easily accessible within their neighborhoods than take a chance on an unknown firm outside of their local communities.

That’s why Yelp, arguably the top business review site, can be such a powerful tool for law firms attempting to reach their local pool of potential clients. To understand just how powerful, consider this statistic: one study revealed that more than 70% of consumers consider Yelp reviews just as trustworthy and credible as those given by friends.

Therefore, firms that are not active on Yelp are missing a huge opportunity to gather new clients, showcase strong customer service, and build their reputation within local markets. Read on to discover how to market your law firm on Yelp!

1. Check to see whether your law firm has an existing page.

Anyone can create a Yelp page for your business, so your law firm may have an existing profile and not even know it! Go to and type your firm’s name and location into the search fields. If your law firm’s page already exists, click on the “Work Here? Unlock This Business Page” link in the business information section and then follow the prompts. If your firm does not have a Yelp page, visit to create your business account.

2. Leave no stone unturned.

Once you’ve either created or unlocked your law firm’s Yelp page, complete your entire profile. Be sure to fill in all categories correctly, particularly essential pieces such as business name, category, contact information, and a link to your firm’s website. Photos can also strengthen your Yelp page, so consider including quality photos of team members and the office (providing photos of the office’s facade can also help Yelp users find the office should they decide to stop by).

3. Accrue reviews and respond, respond, respond.

Knowing how to market your law firm on Yelp means knowing how to leverage client reviews. Positive reviews obviously reinforce your law firm’s reputation, but even negative reviews can be beneficial when responded to appropriately. Take advantage of the “Add owner comment” button at the bottom right corner of all posted comments to respond to dissatisfied clients, and keep in mind that all responses should follow these guidelines:

  • Use respectful language. It may be difficult to read a negative review and not respond in kind, particularly when you think the comments are unjustified, but responding with disrespectful language only compounds a bad situation and reinforces the commenter’s criticism.
  • Acknowledge the poster’s frustrations. Oftentimes, critics merely want to vent.
  • Outline a strategy to fix the problem and explain how you can prevent the issue from occurring in the future.

If you have any questions about law firm marketing, contact us to learn how we can help.

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