Search engine optimization (SEO) has been the hot buzzword for law firm marketers. After all, fewer people find attorneys in the phone book or based on television ads. Instead, most people are likely to turn to their search engines like Google and type in “Los Angeles DUI Attorney” or “Boston Injury Attorney” to find a lawyer. As a result, attorneys are forced to embrace law firm SEO and a technical world that may seem foreign to them.

Fortunately, SEO does not have to be difficult or complex. With a little bit of work, even the least computer savvy attorney can become proficient enough on SEO techniques to get a leg up on his competitors.

What is SEO

At the most basic level, search engine optimization is creating a website that will rank high on Google and other search engines for your target audience. For example, a business attorney in Brooklyn will want to rank near the top of search results for individuals searching Google for a “business attorney in Brooklyn.” SEO is the science of how you can improve your search rankings so that more people see you.

How to Improve Your Ranking

There are many methods to improve your ranking. To start with, you will want a website rich with content that your target audience will care about. As you get more advanced, you can take further steps like having cross-links, including keywords, and making frequent updates. However, as you take more advanced steps, you must tread carefully as search engines are on the lookout for sites that simply stuff keywords or plagiarize content.

What If I Don’t Have the Time

Attorneys are busy. We understand that. It can be difficult for many lawyers to take the time to dip their feet into SEO and even take the most basic steps like creating a website. However, you should not ignore SEO and let your competitors dominate the web. Instead, you can allow the attorney digital marketers at James Attorney Marketing handle your search engine optimization needs. To learn more about law firm SEO, contact us to discuss your marketing goals.

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