The Impact of Infographics Upon a Law Firm’s Social Media Marketing ROI

You may have heard of the new Internet and social media craze, or perhaps you’ve even seen a few: infographics. Infographics are essentially visual representations of data meant to simplify complex information or processes, and they are appealing for several reasons.

  1. They condense large amounts of data into bite-sized pieces of digestible information so viewers can rapidly read them.
  2. They tend to be more attractive and eye-catching than text.
  3. Viewers can quickly and easily share them across several social media platforms and even via email.

These features may account for the recent rise in infographic popularity.  According to Google, the term “infographic” was one of 2012’s most popular keyword searches; the term earned a ranking of 100 out of 100!

The growing popularity of infographics and their ability to spread rapidly across the Internet make them a dream come true in regard to some law firms’ social media marketing strategies.  After all, many law firms judge the success of their marketing efforts by ROI, or return on investment. Marketers typically calculate ROI by tabulating the positive feedback gained through marketing efforts, such as increases in website traffic and new customer revenue, and then dividing this sum by the cost of investment.

Social media posts with well-designed infographics can have a significantly higher ROI than typical social media posts that contains only text and images.  In fact, data released by one online infographic platform shows that a single infographic can accrue more than two million views and several hundred comments and “likes” on social media pages.  Compare this wide reach to a traditional post that may result in a few dozen page views and a handful of shares.

Essentially, utilizing infographics as part of your law firm’s social media marketing strategy can generate more website and social media traffic, reach a huge pool of potential clients, and essentially, result in more bang for each marketing buck.   The key to achieving these benefits is creating compelling and east-to-read infographics that viewers want to forward to their social media connections.

This is not always an easy task for busy law firms; research and design can take several hours or days.  In addition, almost 13 percent of all infographics produced are business related so there is no guarantee that the resulting infographic would stick out from the competition, even after investing substantial time and manpower into creation.
Therefore, for many law firms, it may be best to consult infographic and data visualization experts.  At James Attorney Marketing, we offer custom content and produce info graphics for your law firm’s specialties. Contact us to find out more.

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